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220 grain 30 06 for deer

User Name Remember Me? I'm planning on using gn bullets in my What is the best bullet to use for whitetail? I'm considering the Hornady round nose or the Nosler partitions. Thanks captdavid. Guese it depends on how far your shooting, if you'd want a Spitzer or a round nose. I'm sure those bullets will work. But for whitetail a grain bullet will be more than enough.

Any good bullet manufacturer with a bullet designed to medium sized game will be fine. Nosler, Hornady, Remington,Winchester to name a few.

Anybody use 30-06 in 220 grain?

DarkkerTravis and Blue like this. Remove Advertisements. Why a gr? I used them hog hunting before, but found that 's were more than enough. On deer I'd look at gr at most.

TravisTater and shawnbo like this. Originally Posted by captdavid. Years ago I had a buddy who used the round nose Remington factory s in his Model He shot deer and hogs in East Tx. It works fine, doesn't make a big hole.

220 grain 30 06 for deer

The Partition would work fine too as the nose section is pretty soft. I felt the ruined less meat on both deer and hogs. Have a ball Pard. I am a big fan of Spitzers in my guns. I use the gn Partitions in my 7x57 and both gn Partitions and Ballistic Tips in my I have begun to use RNs in my 7x57 when pig hunting and I know that most shots will be yds or so.

They are deadly and destroy a lot less meat. Sometimes I have a chance at deer. I'm thinking I might try using s to the same effect.

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That grain in your will be akin to my 35 Whelen grain bullets. You can literally eat right up to the entrance and exit holes. Dad's favorite bullet was a grain Remington CoreLokt, but sadly those are as rare as live dinosaur eggs.

The Partition while an excellent bullet would be over kill for your pocket book.We're sorry, midwayusa.

30-06 220 Grain Bullets

Learn how you can enable Javascript. Eligible for. The classic "Green-box" ammunition that shooters and hunters have trusted for years. Remington makes ammunition for nearly every need.

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The Core-Lokt bullet design is the original controlled-expansion bullet and one of the most effective ever developed. Its progressively tapered copper jacket is locked to a solid lead core, promoting perfectly controlled expansion, deep penetration and high weight retention for dependable results.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. Add to Cart for Special Price.

Anybody use 30-06 in 220 grain?

Additional charges for Non Free Shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, HazMat products, and large or heavy items still apply. See Details. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again. In-Stock: Overdue. Made in USA. Cartridge: Springfield. Quantity: 20 Round. For hygiene reasons, underwear and mouth calls may only be returned in new, unused condition. Products requiring fuel or liquids may not be returned once the fuel or liquids have been added must also be in new, unused condition.

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Add to Wish List. You must be 21 years or older to order ammunition.Forum Home. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anybody use in grain? I went to pickup a new box of grain bullets and the guy asked if I needed those in armor peircing.

Confused, I told him, no and asked him why he asked. He said I must be hunting elephant with that size bullet. I told him it was for deer. He snickered and just walked off to help someone else. Am I missing something? I know it is a heavy load, but its what I like to use in the heavy brush. Is the grain bullet too much for deer? I don't know, but in the brush, I perfer the heaviest bullet I can. The max distance in the thick stuff is maybe 70 yards and there is always that chance you may clip a twig.

Buzz Senior Member Oct 3, Well - due to the extremely high sectional density of that bullet it will penetrate deer and keep going for a mile. The old g RN loading was originally used for heavy game such as Moose and Bears. The old heavy bullet deflection theory has been debunked many times, so there is really nothing for you to gain with the g bullet.

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Forgot password or user name? Top Ad. Which grain bullets are best for deer? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Keith Rauhauser. Appreciate the help fellas! Tags: None. The grain Remington Core-Lokt. Comment Post Cancel. I would try the gr or gr and see which shoots the best group in your rifle. Note: save your brass in case you ever think about reloading.

Kudu and Springbok Hunt with a 30-06 Springfield - The Grey Ghost

Personally, I like and grain bullets for the. Just get 3 or 4 different brands and start shooting groups to see which one your rifle likes best. Virtually any load for the. There are so many good choices, the other guys are telling you straight.

My personal guideline, for deer only, is to buy a box of Rem corelokts, federal blue box, Winchester super-x, or hornady American whitetail to see if there's a tack driving sleeper in the bunch.

220 grain 30 06 for deer

If all perform well without there being a standout, bump up a price notch to gain better consistent terminal performance. Swap rounds with your '06 buddies to save ammo costs when you can, who knows, they may find a better round for themselves.

Save your brass. My Rem likes grain Fusion rounds. Drops deer pretty fast as well. Like other s have said, see what shoots best in your rifle. If your gun will shoot gr rounds those will work for deer, my Remington prefers s and the Mossberg preferred s.

Any of those 3 weights will do the job just fine on a deer. The Hornadys shoot very well but haven't gotten to try them on deer yet. Ontario Honker Hunter.The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below.

To post to our forums, please register. Alaska Outdoors Supersite offers several membership levels. Learn more! For your security, your account management area, forums and University require login. Please use the same username and password for all areas. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1.

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Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Anyone have any hunting experience with the. I'm loading mine at about fps and curious about penetration on big toughies like moose through the shoulders, bison, or brown bear. Tags: None. Barnes Originals. How about the gr. Woodleigh in your. Comment Post Cancel. This topic has my interest as well! I happen to have a box of these sitting on the bench in the queue for load development. It is a total tack driver out of my Winchester and although I have not used it on game, my two best buddies have used it exclusively for decades on bear and moose with outstanding results.

Reportedly at impact velocities as high as fps the penetration is rather limited. But below fps they mushroom perfectly and penetrate very well.

220 grain 30 06 for deer

Should, in theory at least, be a great bullet for Originally posted by Kay9Cop View Post. I have not used the Hornady gr but have used the Sierra Pro Hunter gr on wildebeest and it was very effective. That was 18yrs ago and I have used it on large boar, white tail and mule deer.

Exited the boars, white tail, mule, found under skin on opposite side of wildebeest but it was a yd shot. I think the gr bullet is a great fit for the I appreciate all of the info.Many of us know intellectually that the. My father did, which is the reason I took my first deer with his. Over the next dozen years, I used the. Many New England whitetail trackers would have considered this ideal, especially with the K3 Weaver scope I mounted.

Whitetails were the reason for my as well. Believe it or not, they dominate certain parts of Montana, including the northeastern plains, where brushy draws hold quite a few bucks. Up there, a common hunting method is to jump deer from the coulees and shoot them on the run.

By age 24, I was pretty good at this, partly through practice on jackrabbits. One big buffalo-berry patch required several rocks. After the third rock, a white-tailed buck jumped from the brush and started up the opposite hillside. The buck staggered to the top of the hill, and then fell in the cured autumn grass. I hiked down into the draw and up the other side while Ben drove down the ridge.

From that day onward, a. When I started seriously hunting elk in the steep, thickly timbered mountains of northwestern Montana, the rifle I eventually ended up with was a sporterized Springfield shooting grain Nosler Partition handloads. In the winter ofmy small collection of sporting rifles was liquidated during a divorce.

Early the next autumn, however, I started another collection by purchasing a. The combination worked well on a wide variety of Montana big game over the next few years, taking not just more whitetails but pronghorn, mule deer, black bear and elk as well.

After all, by the time we reach adolescence, our mentors have explained that fact of life along with others. But explanations are not the same as experience. When forced by the whims of fate to hunt with one big game rifle, I experienced the. I have taken big game with dozens of cartridges ranging in power from the.

An entire year may go by without using the. Some other cartridges have gained my admiration. All of the. The 6.

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Throw in a bunch of other cartridges in the. I also know the. Hunters all over the world are convinced that their cartridge, bullet or handload is the answer to the quickest, cleanest kills.User Name Remember Me? Ive been thinking about what is truely needed to take on dangerous game. Thats not just hunting and killing but also stopping the furry fuzzy nasty. Bird Dog II. Well I see your a. That's good. You realize that rounds like the.

I mean its not even close. So no, I don't think you are over compensating. Personally I think the. Still, history doesn't lie. Apparently all those shooters making all those thousands of kills with those lessor rounds weren't as smart as you and I.

The animals were killed none the less. Remove Advertisements.

220 grain 30 06 for deer

Chief RID. I have never been to Africa and probably never will. I am a big believer in the virtues of the Now that being said, if I was to go to Africa after dangerous game, I would carry the fastest, heaviest, widest round I could for 2 or three fast shots in the kill zone at 30,20 and 10 ft.

After that it won't matter what gun he eats. Pete D. The rest are just games.

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I own one of the series of books written back in the very early '70's by Jack O'Connor, In it, on pagehe states "For frontal shots on charging lions one may possibly need a strong grain bullet This was the medicine used by Stewart Edward White back in the 's.

He put his trust in strong Western and Remington bullets of that weight for such work. I have read that in some countries in Africa a special permit can be issued for the use of the. I've also read of hunters using the '06, just recently, on Cape Buffalo and elephant.

By "recently" I am inferring within the last 5 years that these permits were allowed. I've never been to Africa but I can't believe I'd trust my fate to the. I'm gutsy, just not stupid.

I'd feel much safer using my. Just an observation to help the thread along. Originally Posted by winbag

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