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Bedwetting story diapers

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Login or Sign Up. Bedwetting Siblings by Sunny. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Bedwetting Siblings by SunnyAM. Bedwetting Siblings Harry was a bed-wetter and had been all his life. He had been potty trained quite easily, but for some reason he couldn't wake himself up to go to the toilet at night. He was now As he was growing up, he had missed out on sleepovers because of his bed-wetting that had always annoyed him, especially when his friends would come in the next day full of tales of staying up to one in the morning and pranks they had done.

Harry had three sisters and a brother. One of his sisters was The other two were 13 and 8. His brother was He had his own room, which meant that his younger siblings didn't know about his bed-wetting. He had to wear diapers, which he hated.

He was told that he had to wear them until he grew up and stopped pissing himself. Most of the time it was his mum who put his diaper on in the evening and took it off and cleaned him up in the morning, but sometimes especially in the school holidays he would wake up too late and his mum would have already left for work, which meant that his older sister Melissa had to do it.

Although she had babysat for babies in the past and was now a part time nanny to a couple with a baby and toddler, so knew how to change a diaper, she always seemed able to draw it out for as long as possible when changing Harry. One morning in the summer holidays, he had woken up late.

Both of his younger sisters had been on sleepovers the night before so weren't back yet and his brother had already gone to a friend's house. This meant it was just he and Melissa in the house.


He got out of bed and heard the crinkle of the plastic sheet as he moved. He slowly went downstairs in his sodden diaper, hoping that no one else would see. He saw Melissa sitting in the kitchen eating a piece of toast and reading the paper. He grunted and she looked up. Can you change me? I think I'm going to have to change you," she said getting up. They both went upstairs into Harry's room. He got out the changing mat from under his bed and put it in the middle of the room before lying on it, whilst Melissa got out a fresh pair of underpants, the baby wipes and some diaper rash lotion.

She put the things at the side of her and knelt down next to Harry. She undid the tabs and watched as Harry got an erection. She always found this funny.I see people posting about how they developed their diaper fetish and I wanted to include my own. You see, I was a bedwetter for most of my childhood.

My mom kept a plastic sheet on my bed and laid out an absorbent pad under my regular sheet for my accidents. Accidents that varied from once a week or every night for several weeks in a row. When I was fourteen, my mom got sick and was in the hospital for several months and my grandmother came to stay with me until she got out.

The first night she was there I wet the bed and she walked in while I was stripping the sheets to put in the wash. At first, she was supportive and told me it happens to everyone at some point.

Then she noticed the plastic sheet and padding and realized it was a common theme. Her tone changed from supportive to just mean and told me it was ridiculous that a fourteen year old boy would be a bedwetter. That night there was no padding on my bed, but the plastic sheet was still there. She told me that I needed to stop being coddled or I would never stop pissing the bed.

When she sent me to bed, she warned me that if I wet the bed again she was going to buy diapers. Of course, I woke up wet the very next morning and she was more than disappointed. My grandmother, however, was adamant that I only wet the bed because I was too lazy to get up and use the toilet. After school, I came home to find a box of Attends sitting on the counter in the dining room.

I knew what they were from the picture on the front of the box. I pretended not to notice and hoped it was just a veiled threat. The rest of the day I avoided her as much as possible and drank as little as possible.

My hopes were dashed at bedtime when she walked into my room with one of the diapers and told me to put it on. I say tried, because she grabbed a handful of hair and dragged me back to the bed. With a little effort, she pulled me over her lap and she pulled off one of her house shoes and started beating me with it.

My mother had spanked me a few times in the past, but it was always a few swats with a wooden spatula to five strokes with the belt. Grandma blistered my ass for several minutes. It hurt so much, I was completely broken down and blubbering like a baby by the time she finished. I tried to cover my privates, but she ignored me and wrapped the diaper around my waist.

Once she had it taped up, she tossed my pants and underwear in the hamper and pulled the blanket over me. The following morning, I realized I had wet again despite drinking nearly nothing the previous evening. The diaper soaked it all up easily though. I was about to get out of bed and remove the diaper, but grandma walked in before I had a chance.

She asked if I was wet. She took me by the hand and half dragged me down the hall to the dining room.

bedwetting story diapers

I felt ridiculous walking through the house in a diaper — a soaked one at that — but she was much stronger than me. When she stopped, we were standing in front of the box of Attends and I nearly fainted at the thought that she might be getting another diaper to change me into.

Instead, she handed me a pen and told me to mark an X on the wall calendar.

The Diaper Dynamo Vlog 4 - How I Ended up in Diapers

As an added incentive, she told me if I had more wet days then dry days in a given week, I would get another taste of her shoe. And if I was wet every day of the week, she would make me wear them all day on Sunday.

The results were mixed. The first six weeks, I had more wet days than dry days four times. True to her word, I got a beating to remember every time.It was a Friday afternoon and I was round at Jakes house, we were both in his living room playing on his Xbox whilst his mother was doing some paper work.

We were getting on so well we had already decided that same day to have a sleepover that evening. I stood there at the top of the stairs still as a statue; I felt a mixture of surprise and excitement and had butterflies in my tummy. This news to be honest was brilliant to hear as I wore diapers to. I carried on upstairs and found where the bathroom was but instead, made a turn and went into Jakes room which I had been in earlier to pick out the Xbox game we had just been playing.

I opened up his wardrobe first, nothing but shirts and jackets hung up in there along with a school blazer. I carefully closed it trying not to make lots of noise which I managed. I then tried a chest of four white draws. The top draw contained boxers and socks, I closed it. The second had T shirts in it, the third had trousers and last but not least I opened the fourth and final draw and bingo. This draw had some ordinary pyjamas in them, folded neatly. But next to them like I was hoping were diapers, plain white cloth back adult sized disposal diapers.

I felt accomplished for having found them and took one of them out and inspected it, I had no idea what the brand was but thought they looked cool. I packed the clothes for tomorrow, jeans, sports brand T shirt, socks and underwear.

Then my green pyjama top and the Tena slip into my rucksack, then said goodbye to my parents then left to go to Jakes again for the sleepover, I was so excited. Around 10pm, the moment finally came.

Jake went to get changed in the bathroom, leaving me the bedroom to get changed in with the TV left on turned down low. I took my pyjamas and the diaper out my rucksack then got undressed, I put my pyjama top on and picked up the diaper.

Now my heart was beating ten to the dozen. I was nervous, very soon my friend would come into the room to find me casually wearing a diaper as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world. I sat there until I heard a creek in the floorboards in the bathroom next door, I assumed Jake was about to come out.

If he came back with me just holding it, it might look suspicious. Where as him coming in to find me wearing it might show that I felt comfortable enough around him to not need feel embarrassed about it. I had decided if he asked though, I would tell him I wore it because they made me feel more secure and would not make up some lie about bedwetting or incontinence.

I unfolded the diaper not bothering to try and cover up the noise. I then slipped it under my butt, did up the tapes quickly, as soon as the forth tape had been done, I heard the lock on the bathroom door open. Then sure enough Jake entered the room, he had a bulk in his pyjama bottoms obviously having put a diaper on himself. I worried that I freaked him out, but soon enough we carried on as normal like we were before. Whilst I was doing so, Jake farted.

This we found hysterical, I burst out laughing spraying coke out my mouth which made us laugh even more. At the same time the coke had fizzed up and had started overflowing out the bottle with me trying despratley to hold the bottle over the bin which we also found just as funny. I went downstairs into the kitchen, where Jakes dad was in there getting a bottle of beer out the fridge.

This playing classic child hood games, felt amazing to me. I was technically still classed as a child, being under the age of Me and Jake after coming inside progressed towards bed, we were both tired and it was quite late by now and his parents had reached there limit of us running round the house and wanted to go to bed to.

We laughed and jokes around a little more, along with talked about general stuff such as girls we liked, sex, games, TV and so on, then we fell asleep.Dear Reader:. It will be up to you to decide what parts of the story have been. No, I had soaked the bed and I knew the feeling and that strong.

There was a glow in the room from the fluorescent light placed in night mode as she stood over me staring at my humiliating condition. I had kicked off the blanket as I slept, so what was now apparent was that I had made a huge wet spot, which was spreading outward from where my butt was located, on to the sheets and up my hospital gown.

She had come in to take my vitals, but immediately realized she had much more to do than she had expected. I pretended that I was still asleep, hoping she would leave, but it.

When our eyes met, mine had fear and embarrassment in them, but hers had a soft, motherly look that made me immediately relax. Within seconds of her pushing the nurse call button, another nurse came. Again, my face turned bright red as the severity of my bedwetting became obvious to two of the prettiest nurses I had ever seen.

They then helped me to get out of bed and stand on the floor, and I could tell from their look that knew they were exposing a much wetter patient than they had first thought. My wet hospital gown was clinging to my body and the odor screamed of someone who was clearly not completely potty trained. There was nothing I could say that could make any difference.

As she peeled the wet. Again, with movements that only come with experience, it was mere seconds before new sheets were being put on the bed and I was standing naked, as my young nurse took a sponge and soapy warm water and was wiping the pee that I was sleeping in only minutes earlier, off my body.

She had me spread my legs wide so that she could wash the inside of my thighs and as she did so, I saw the other nurse put a rectangular rubberized waterproof pad over the mid part of the bed. I knew I had brought this on myself and had no choice but to let them do what they needed to. I stood there totally naked with my legs spread and my knees slightly. While some men would think a sponge bath by a beautiful nurse would give them a huge erection, between the haziness from the medication and the humiliation of what was happening, I was anything but erect.

As a matter of fact, I looked and felt smaller than I ever had. As if she were cleaning a non-private part of my body, the nurse deftly sponged my private are. This WAS going to happen and with the skill of a surgeon, my hair was gone in about 7 strokes of the razor and my genitals looked like that of a pre-pubescent boy.

bedwetting story diapers

She then had me turn around so she could clean off my bottom. I saw her smile and nod to the other nurse as she continued to do her thorough job of washing me - especially in my crack. It was then that the emotional impact of what was happening overwhelmed me and I started to tear up.Adult bedwetting. In fact, NAFC receives more visits to the adult bedwetting pages than any other page on our site.

People struggle with this condition for all sorts of reasons — spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases, and even stress can cause bedwetting. And sometimes there can be seemingly no cause at all, which makes it all the more frustrating to address. Most people who wet the bed are desperate for a solution. They find it deeply embarrassing, and it greatly affects their quality of life, as they are constantly dealing with keeping things clean and worried about how it will affect current or future relationships.

The good news is there are ways to manage it. We asked people who live with adult bedwetting to share their best tips and stories with us. I have been wearing continence products for over a decade now — disposable underwear during the day, and fitted briefs at night. Doctors are professionals, and they see incontinent people all the time.

BHealth Blog

I was all for that if it would make my problem go away, but it didn't and it had undesirable side effects. When the medication didn't work the Urologist referred me to a physical therapist and a psychologist, convinced my continence issues were the result of depression.

They weren't, and that was when I opted to go with another Urologist.

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Not every Cop that pulls you over is going to give you a ticket, and not every Doctor is going to focus on what works for you. My second Doctor was focused on how it affected me and how to manage it, and it proved to be a more fruitful relationship. I also think RNs are great to talk to. The Dr.

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Doctors tend to only focus on cures, even if that isn't a realistic goal. I first tried the male guards, which are not designed for nighttime incontinence. When those proved futile I tried buying Goodnites not designed for a grown man and very ill-fittingfiguring if the store clerk saw me buying bedwetting products designed for juveniles, she would assume that they were for a younger sibling.How do I put this????

My mommy wets her bed. I don't think she always has, but recently like my brother Bryce and I, we have both seen her wearing diapers and have seen they are wet just like ours! I guess I had better start from the beginning. My brother Bryce is 8. My mommy told us she is sorry that we got her bedwetting gene. That's why we wet our beds. My mommy told me she peed her bed until 15 years old. If I still am wetting the bed until 15 I still got 3 years of wet beds to contend with, Bryce has 7 years to go.

Now daddy left us about 9 months ago, mom took it real hard she told us that we are the most unlucky people ever! Who is only 11 years older than me. At 23 years old. Dad is 11 years older than her. Like I said mom had a hard time dealing with it. Unfortunately for her when she gets stressed she wets the bed. All I can say is mom is totally stressed because she is still wetting her bed like Bryce and I do!

Mom denies the stress but she is still wetting her bed. So I don't know if I believe her or not. My name is April and I'm Jessica and Bryce's mother. Jessica told you that I grew up a bedwetter like her and Bryce.

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I stopped at age I met David in high school we were high school sweethearts. At one time we really loved each other, deeply! Then life happened, we just kind of drifted apart. The chasm was there before either of us realized it.

But still it shocked me when David told me that he was leaving us, meaning me and the kids! I cried called him all the bad names that I could think of, but in the end it didn't help, he was still gone.

Then the realization set in our marriage had died years ago it just hadn't been declared legally dead yet! The kids and I aren't hurting, David did care for us financially, thanks to a great lawyer I had.

Didn't hurt that he was also my cousin! Jessica told you that I got stressed, that was an understatement! I was panicked when it first happened. I wet my bed for the first time in several years! That also added to my stress level, the next night and the next night. I would awake wet, I felt like I was 14 again, going to bed dry and waking up wet!

I told my kids they shouldn't feel embarrassed about their bedwetting, it's not their fault!

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As I am finding out for myself a hell of a lot easier said than done! At first it was stress causing my bedwetting.Evans answered the ring of the doorbell, opening the front door wide and greeting her long time friend, Marissa. After settling her down at the sofa, Mrs. Evans served her some tea and they made some brief chit-chat. A moment later her 13 year-old boy came into the room silently, carrying a model airplane in one of his hands.

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The latter shuffled his feet, wanting desperately to leave, and uncomfortable being the subject, yet not part of this humiliating conversation. He blushed hotly as his mother began undoing his shoes and removing his pants as if he were still four years old. Completely ignoring his protestations, his mother swiftly tugged down his Spiderman underwear, putting them beside her on the couch as her wilting son covered his little package in shame.

He continued to whimper and squeal as she led him over and sat him down on the stack of diapers, situating him so that the soft cloth was equally positioned on either side of his slim hips. Marissa quickly took over, grasping his ankles with one hand and swinging them over his head as Brian gasped audibly. He was certainly unaccustomed to being handled by another woman and he squealed again even as he struggled to maintain his balance.

Worse yet, it was mortifying having his little rosebud so humiliatingly exposed before this stranger. Brian kicked his feet in frustration and Marissa pulled the thick cloth up between his legs and pinned the sides together with a large, clown headed safety pin.

After completing the other side, she turned to Mrs. Happy with her response, Marissa produced a very babyish pair of white waterproof panties with a nursery print of clowns and giraffes decorating it. After a quick dusting of baby powder between his thighs, Marissa stood the flustered, embarrassed boy on his feet. In his t-shirt and fat pampers, he looked very much like a cute diapered toddler, albeit, a taller one. The pouting, red-faced youth shook his fists, too ashamed to speak up as he waddled off, the fat bulk of his diapers inhibiting his ability to move normally.

Evans was kneeling over her son, checking the tops of his thighs where the elasticized baby panties made the seal against his skin.

bedwetting story diapers

Clearly, she had decided that diapers and plastic panties were going to be a part of his life for the immediate future and there was nothing he could do about it. Brian stamped his feet as his mom cleared off his toys and books from the top of his dresser and began stacking the diapers and plastic panties. Brian gulped hard and shuddered as he considered her warning. His mom was probably the only one of his peers who still spanked her son and Brian lived in fear of her wooden paddle.

He could still recall the last time, just the month previous, that he had found himself over her lap, his underwear tangled around his ankles as she smacked his bare bottom until he was crying like a baby.

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