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While there are quite literally hundreds of file-hosting sites available today where you can download files, and scores of premium-account-based services, there are relatively few working premium multihoster services at any given time. On this page I attempt to list all of the currently-available multihoster services that I can find English language only or know about. This list is a work in progress. The sites below are in no particular order.

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Untested services are listed below the table and are here for your reference. To see the latest testing videos, visit the multihoster download tests page.

May 18, at am. Which multihoster service is the best? I want to be able to download from a lot of different sites and do it fast. July 28, at pm. In terms of the sheer number of different sites supported, Zevera is a good option. They support over different sites according to themthough some are down, so I call it around I think this is the better deal, but Zevera does offer easy access to more sites.

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Which, that was my maximum speed. January 25, at pm. Just Google the number of complaints. They might have over sites, but who uses them? Their support is non-existent. February 11, at am.

You can see that Filefactory and Uploaded. December 25, at pm. Rapid never works. I started using Zevera in lateand I know a lot has changed.It allows you to download from many different filehosts such as Rapidgator, Uploaded, Nitroflare, Wdupload, 1Fichier, Share-online.

By using Neodebrid, you can easily convert your download links to premium links. With this service, you don't have to wait for the timers, and you are not affected to download limits of filehosts.

icerbox multihoster

You can also use any download manager such as Internet Download Manager or Jdownloader to download your files. Neodebrid also provides VPN service with 3 different locations. Neodebrid allows you to download from any filehost with maximum speed.

icerbox multihoster

We also care about privacy so our servers acts like a VPN between you and filehost. Just paste your link to the generator, and download as premium member from rapidgator, uploaded, nitroflare, wdupload and more. Toggle navigation Dashboard. Login Register. Membership Status. Expire Date. Traffic Left. Become Premium. Filehost Status Uploaded. See full list. User Status View your current status. Your IP : Login - Register. What is Neodebrid.The service FFDownloader.

Since the website is available in English and Russian and the list of filehosters also includes popular filehosters for Russia, I strongly assume that the service is operated from Russia. Unfortunately there is no imprint or the like. The download from more than 30 filehosters is offered, whereby there are filehosters in the list which no longer exist, e. KingFiles or Uploading.

However, many of the filehosters are quite popular and difficult to find working with other multihosters, such as Nitroflare, Icerbox, Gigapeta, etc. Per paid day you get 7GB traffic, i.

Accordingly, you cannot download anything on the remaining days. If all traffic has been used up, the premium account has expired regardless of the actual runtime. This is quite practical, because you can buy a new package right away.

Furthermore, according to the website, there are some daily limits for filehosters, which only become visible as premium user. At least the download of a large file is not aborted if it exceeds the limit, but is calculated for the next day. Very generous limits for these filehosters. Unfortunately, this is not explained in more detail.

The website is functional, clear and simple. All functions and pages can be found quite quickly, but you also have to say that there are only a handful of pages. Unfortunately, the English translation is not that good so it leads to confusion sometimes. Nevertheless, the website should be revised urgently. Some others like Filesflash. I also noticed very positively that the traffic for aborted files is only calculated proportionately.

The download via the jDownloader ran relatively problem-free, some downloads got stuck for a short time, but then continued automatically after a few seconds.

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Positive is that you can choose the quality of the download. Unfortunately, I can only report negative otherwise. We test the speed with several servers with a 1 GB test file. You can find more information about the procedure here. The download servers are apparently located in the Netherlands.

Even from Australia the speed is still quite ok. In jDownloader I was never able to establish all connections. Often only one or two connections have been established, which can lead to the line not being fully utilized if the Internet connection is really fast.The Multihoster Linkifier has been on the market since and is currently fighting for customers. With over 80 filehosters and a premium package, which has very different runtimes, one can definitely speak of a multihoster of the future.

We want to get to the bottom of the advantages of the Multihoster and how the prices are in connection with the performance. Furthermore, we will investigate the question whether it is a serious provider that can be used in Germany without problems.

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Of course we also want to give an outlook on the interface and the possibilities of use, so that you can get a first insight with this review. Due to the free use it is anyway possible to get to know the provider before you choose one of the premium packages, which can also provide a first insight through short-term terms.

Best Rated Multihoster of 2019

In order to get a first insight into the numerous features of the Multihoster, you will not be asked to check out immediately. The free access allows users to look around without having to sign up for a premium account. While the free access is provided with advertisements and some limitations, the Premium Account offers several features that will prove useful for many users.

For example, the maximum download speed of Mbit is provided. Also the advertisements will disappear and it will be possible to do several downloads and uploads at the same time. A daily limit is also eliminated with the booking of one of the versatile Premium Memberships, making unlimited downloads possible.

icerbox multihoster

If the free access is not enough or if the advertising is disturbing, you should look for a premium offer to be able to activate further features.

The possibility to create a premium account is freely available to every user and is affordable with five payment options. Especially positive during our Linkifier experience is that the provider also offers packages with a short duration, so that you can get a first impression. The higher the contract period, the lower the cost. Here, too, all features are activated, so that an unlimited download of up to Mbit is possible. In addition, the advertisements will disappear. Recommended for users of the Linkifier platform is to get a closer look with the smallest package first, before booking one of the long-term memberships and thus committing to the provider.

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Anonymous payment is becoming more and more attractive and prestigious. Both with the Paysafecard, which can now be purchased in almost every supermarket or gas station, and with the crypto-currency Bitcoin, the Premium Membership can be paid for.

While the Paysafecard comes with a code, purchases with Bitcoins are only recommended for experienced users, as a wallet is required to complete the transaction. According to our Linkifier experience it is also possible to pay by credit card, so that the Multihoster booking appears on the monthly statement and can be settled. Perhaps the most popular payment method is PayPal.Multihoster im Vergleich Alle wichtigen Hoster in einem Paket klingt super, dennoch gibt es ein paar mehr Vergleichsaspekte, die wir in unserem Vergleich beleuchten.

Aktuell werden mir aber auch lediglich zwei Filehoster mit Limits angezeigt: Dies beeinflusst jedoch nicht unsere objektive Bewertung.

Offenbar wird bei dem Anbieter recht viel geloggt und das wird auch dem User angezeigt. Dementsprechend versuchen die Filehoster die Accounts der Multi Hoster still zu legen, da Icerboz Sharing nicht erlaubt ist nach den Nutzungsbedingungen. Das sind insbesondere die teueren Filehoster.

Viele neue Werke icefbox, allerdings darf nur geladen werden sofern man einen Premium-Account bei IcerBox icerbx hat. Die Preise beim Sharehoster Iecrbox sind dabei recht happig.

HatCat2 Februar Der Multihoster Linkiifer ist noch nicht allzu lang in unserem Vergleich, aber er hat es geschafft sich einen Platz in den Empfehlungen zu sichern. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies.

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Wen das nicht abschreckt, der kann bei diesem Multihoster mit bestem Gewissen zugreifen. Das ist ziemlich praktisch, denn so kann man gleich ein neues Paket kaufen. Icerox Media followers followers. Multi Hoster bieten oft mehr als schnelle Downloads. Auch die Zahlungen icerox im Account eingesehen werden. T-Shirts in verschiedene Farben.Icerbox premium link generator allows you to generate premium links for files hosted on icerbox.

You already know that icerbox is a service that allows you to store your files online. These files and media that you store on this site can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Icerbox is a file storage website that allows you to host your media and files on the cloud. You can then access your files from anywhere, anytime and in any device. The icerbox uses the best in class cloud security to protect your data. Many people use icerbox for all the backup of their important files and even their favorite movies.

As mentioned earlier the files that are stored are only available to you unless you choose the option to share. With icerbox premium link generator, you can generate premium links for any file hosted on icerbox. So you might be thinking about what is the benefit of having a premium link. You already know that these sites allow you to host your data for free, but they cap the downloading speed of a file that you share.

Therefore to get the full download speed you have to have a premium link. That means you will get high downloading speeds and resume support if you have a premium link. Many times when you try to download a big file you may end up pausing the file. There are many premium link generators for icerbox. But as you know I only share the best services online. So here is the best icerbox link generator. First of all head over to deepbrid.

Click on the register button located at the left navigation bar. Registration is not necessary if you want to create links of files that are under MB.

2020 FREE PREMIUM LINK GENERATOR Uploaded, 1Fichier, Alfafile, Rapidgator, Katfile, and more....

But you are allowed to download only 1 file per day as a free member. So it is better to get registered and buy a plan. Fill all of the details such as username, email, password.What is Icerbox? Icerbox is one of the best filehosting in the market.

Tons of file ready to share is whats Icerbox can be provide. Talking about Icer Box is talking about Icerbox download and Icerbox upload. Is Icerbox safe?

IcerBox Premium Link Generator 2019 (Top Rated)

Until now download from Icerbox is excellent. Icerbox search engine or Icerbox app not built yet, but icerbox sharing file with big server is the big point of this product!

People search Icerbox. Icerbox premium user spoiled by Icerboxs data to download Icerboxdownload movies Icerbox, download music Icer-Boxdownload games iecrboxetc. VIP – Review 08/2018

How to download from Icerbox? Download Icerbox is very easy. And download from Icerbox will be much easier using Icer Box Premium.

Create Icerbox account is very easy. Icerbox free account can be obtained after user register Icerbox as a Icerbox new user. Icerbox free download with free account Icerbox has several restriction. To get download with full Icerbox feature from Icerbox website without limitation, user need to upgrade Icerbox to be Icerbox premiumwith Icer Box premium user can get link premium Icerbox to download with full speed!!

Link generator Icerbox will give you access to leech premium link. With Icerbox premium accounticerboks user will have alot of benefit:.

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How to buy Icerbox? How to get Icerbox premium? How to upgrade Icerbox? How to extend Icerbox premium? How to renew icerbxo? These questions are very top searching in Google and others search engine.

Because of the big enjoyment to download from Icerbox, a lot of customer try to find for Icerbox hackIcerbox crackIcerbox free downloadIcerbox password generator, Icerbox premium link generatorIcerbox premium cookieIcerbox premium account freeIcerbox premium freeIcerbox link converter, Icerbox link generator, Icerbox links, Icerbox mirror, Icerbox pass, Icerbox bypassIcerbox code, Icerbox coupon, Icerbox generator, Icerbox premium linkIcerbox premium link gen, Icerbox premium pass, Icerbox premium trial, Icerbox reseller code, Icerbox premium loginIcerbox premium passIcerbox hotlinkgenerator Icerbox, generator link premium Icerbox, download Icerbox premium freeIcerbox proxy, etc.

And some customer try to find leech for Icerbox with Icerbox multihoster service, so they use some keyword looking for Icerbox leechIcerbox leecherrapidleech IcerboxIcerbox premium leech, Icerbox free leechcbox Icerboxcbox Icerbox free, best free Icerbox premium link generator, Icerbox rapidleechmultihoster Icerbox, download Icerbox premium freeleech Icerboxetc. Why must user a hard way to get Icerbox??

Today, the difficulties to get Icerbox Premium will be gone! ViooMax, the best Icerbox reseller is here! To get premium Icerbox is very easy! Not bot! Icerbox prices in ViooMax is very cheap!

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